The Fracture | Mircea Suciu at MNAC Bucharest

The Fracture
A project by Mircea Suciu

Curated by Maria Rus Bojan
4 June 2015 – 1 November 2015

MNAC/National Museum of Contemporary Art
Palace of the Parliament, wing E4
Izvor St. 2 – 4
Bucharest, Romania

The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest presents ‘The Fracture’, a solo exhibition of Mircea Suciu, one of the most important young Romanian artists to emerge on the international art scene over the last years.

Imagined as a response to the challenge of exhibiting within a building with a strong symbolic meaning, such as the former ‘People’s House’, and the actual Palace of Parliament, ‘The Fracture’ proposes a reflection about image as a meta-narrative expression of the multiple ruptures and transformations from the contemporary world.

The artist makes use of iconic images that are assimilated as symbols of different historical epochs to indicate that both image and the artistic perception are historically encoded. Through a thorough operation of decoding, translation and reexamination of these symbols in a contemporary context, Mircea Suciu aims to reveal that the figures of history never disappear, but become specters that permanently accompany the present.

Critical approaches of a reality revealed through the fractures of history, the works from this exhibition express a singular artistic position, with a strong humanist content, investigating in depth the relationships between subjectivity, memory, image and representation.

Mircea Suciu’s exhibition ‘The Fracture’ will remain open at MNAC until 1st November 2015. The exhibition will be itinerated in 2016 at MoCAB – The Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrad.

For more information on the exhibition please contact:, tel: 0040.21.3189137; 0040.21.3139115 or tel: 0031.614789395.

Exhibition realized with the support of Zeno X Gallery Antwerp and Group Transilvae, Bucharest.