Ready Media

Curator: Maria Rus Bojan

“In the framework of the program Art in the New Field of Visibility and under the title Ready Media, The Netherlands Institute For Media Art presents an exhibition with works by 10 international artists: Pierre Bismuth, Heather & Patrick Burnett- Rose, Claude Closky, Sagi Groner, Sami Kallinen, Matthieu Laurette, Gabriel Lester, Anna Maltz, Cristi Pogacean, Julika Rudelius. The exhibition aims to explore the various intersections and complex interactions between image creation, production and communication, within the context of the debate about the role and the function of image in our society.
Coined in 1995, by the Kinema Ikon artists’ group, Ready Media concept was used to signalize the stereotypical visions induced by the media culture and the self evidence that surrounds the experience of seeing.
Considering this concept as the most appropriate one to define the chameleonic visual synthesis of our time, the curator of the exhibition aims to critically approach this problematic, researching how these visual constructs reveal a new regime of image and artistic language. According to Maria Rus Bojan, Ready Media represents an artistic reality. Following the generalization and standardization of the ready-made aesthetic, we are witnessing now a substantive inversion of art, a complex dynamic which can be understood around two main vectors: on the one hand, a continued and renewed Duchampian aesthetic; on the other hand the traditional ways of expressing the human experience and social interaction overlaid with excessive information from a multiplicity of sources.
Based on an increasingly sophisticated use of images, the Ready Media visual discourses juxtapose references from different contexts, different media, different historical periods and social experiences, weaving all these together into a texture which defines a symbolic construction with new visual qualities. Re-using the already valorized images or other elements from media, which in this context function as signs, artists create new semantic shifts, breaking up the “ready made” perceptions which media generates, making us also more aware about our own process of perception.
The works selected for this exhibition reflect artists’ different strategies, attitudes and reactions to the generalized media experience. Media codifies the human and, in this context, escaping from its bondages, transcending its rules appears to be the only way of re-conquering freedom.”

Exhibited from 18th Jan 2007-10th Feb. 2007. Text published by Netherlands Art Media Institute.