No Light | Jurriaan Löwensteyn

Curator: Maria Rus Bojan
Exhibition dates: 24 – 27 November 2016
Venue: KOEP, Hazenstraat 17, Amsterdam

In his new series of works Jurriaan Löwensteyn questions conventional perceptions of the expression of light, through a photographic technique that paradoxically records the shadows of an analogue process. Far from being simple photograms, the images made by Jurriaan Löwensteyn are representations of a complex phenomenon that gives new ways of engaging with the tactile dimension of photography.

Tapping into the metaphorical use of light and darkness, Jurriaan Löwensteyn shows how darkness unexpectedly can appear as a projection of light. Light is not implied in these images as a natural phenomenon in the physical world, but as an invention in its own right. The effects of artificial light are contrasted with the physical properties of natural light in order to produce a figuration that is projected onto the paper as shadows. This technique is original as it is challenging in its execution, as there can be only one copy of the photographic image resulted from this long and difficult analogue process.

Making absence an irrefutable presence, the forms produced through this process border on the abstract, while all the time subtlety retaining the essence of the object’s figurative presence.