Art in the New Field of Visibility

International Symposium, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th January from 10.00 hour
Concept: Bogdan Ghiu, Maria Rus Bojan
Participants: Pascal Beausse, Corin Braga, Edwin Carels, Emilian Cioc, Irina Cios, Ann Demeester, prof. dr. David Garcia, Bogdan Ghiu, Katarina Gregos, Sagi Groner, Hanneke Grootenboer (o.v.), prof. dr. Boris Groys, Khalil Joreige, Eric Kluitenberg, Vesna Madzoski, Nataša Petrešin, Jean-Christophe Royoux, Bart Rutten, prof. dr. Rolf Sachsse, Ive Stevenheydens, Suzanne van de Ven. Saturday January 20th at 12.00 h. Lecture Prof Dr. Boris Groys

Cristian Pogăcean, “The Abduction from the Seraglio”, 2006 Woolen carpet, manufactured, 110 x 160 cm, Edition of two plus one artist´s proof. Photo: Cristi Pogacean, Sebastien De Ganay Collection. Courtesy: Galeria Plan-B, Cluj-Berlin.24_pogacean3

“Within the context of the debate about the role and function of image in our society, the symposium “Art in the new field of visibility” attempts to create a broader framework for comprehending the recent metamorphosis of all the communication forms and the implications of this process in the art field. The emergence of a new synthesis of the worldwide communications field has generated an interesting process of unifying the semiotic distinctions between words and images, between art and non-art, between visibility and non-visibility. This process reveals a paradigm shift that is dramatically altering the boundaries, calling for new strategies of research and approach, adjusted continuously to the increasing complexity of our world.

Through four interdisciplinary panel discussions, the participants at the symposium will attempt to decipher the various aspects and features of our predominantly visual culture, exploring artists’ reaction to the generalized media experience and to stereotypes and globalization. Topics referring to the new regimes of image as a consequence of living in a transparent society, as well as topics referring to the crisis of representation and the existing situation of visual homogenization, will also be discussed.”

Description of New Media Art Institute. Publication: RE:LOCATION 1-7 / SHAKE – VOLUME 1 + 2, Catalogue (volume 1 + 2) documenting the Re:Location 1-7 / Shake project.